GHDs for Men's Hair

A lot of men are used to settling down in a barbers chair and getting an old-fashioned trim. Nothing special nothing that makes them stand out from all the other men with the same haircut. They just want to keep it neat, and not be bothered with styling.

But why on earth would you want to be one of those men?

GHD straighteners and stylers are new hair innovations that can make a man stand a cut above the rest. In recent years, David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds have embraced the GHD for their red carpet appearances and photos. For occasions like a wedding, a big night out on the town, playing a role in film or theater, and photo shoots, GHD straighteners and stylers are the best way to make a man's hair look fresh and current, while making sure his face and overall style is not overwhelmed.

The type of GHD styler you need depend on the length of your hair.

If you have longer, thick hair, use the Gold Max Styler. For normal length hair you should use a Gold Classic Styler. To use either styler, you will also need a sturdy brush and comb, hair sectioning clips, a hairdryer, and high quality hair products, like a heat protectant.

The first thing you need to do is wash and dry your hair.

Next, you need to protect your hair with the high-quality heat protectant. You only add this protectant to dry hair, and once it's applied all over, comb it through throughly. This step is vital to maintain the health of you hair, so don't skimp.

The next thing to do is section the hair into manageable sections. Think about how you want your hair to look. If your like most guys, you probably don't want to be too coiffed. Therefore, don't structure the sections too rigidly.

Now you need to plug in the GHD You can often plug them in the same place as your mirror lighting. It takes about thirty seconds to heat-up to the right temperature. The ceramic technology of the GHD helps prevent troublesome hot spots, ensuring that the whole tool heats evenly. This works much better when styling. However, it means you must be very careful when handling the GHD around your bare skin so as to avoid burns!

Extra information about salon equipment

Place the GHD at the the root of a sectioned area of your hair, then move the styler from the root to the tip. Before you mover the styler, make sure to press down gently on the styler at the root. Keep applying that gentle pressure as you move to the tip. There should be no snagging. Apply a finishing spray to maintain your work.

*GHD Curlers*

You follow the same steps of shampooing and drying the hair. You will also protect the hair with protectant spray and section off the areas you want to curl. Keep the sections close in size to the barrel of the curler.

That leads us to the size of the curl. Indeed, size does matter.

When curling your hair is you need to decide how far you want to go with the curl. A lot of guys wear waves these days, meaning they are not looking for full fledged ringlets. The GHD curlers offers barrels that create different looks. Curve Classic Wave Wand