Proffesional Salon, what to look for.

All beauty salon owners need to use certain essentials inside the salon to succeed. One of the main essentials is beauty salon furniture. A wide selection of styles and colours are available when it comes to salon furniture so even the most eclectic salons will be able to find eclectic pieces.

Beauty Salon Furniture Why Salon Owners Need It

Most beauty salons offer the following basic services

*hair washing

*hair cut, colour, styles, blow-outs

*manicures and pedicures

These services involve a great deal of personal interaction and discretion between the stylist and the client. A salon owner shouldn't cram clients on top of each other in various sized pieces of furniture, but rather space out uniform furniture made specifically for salon use throughout the space. This creates a relaxed environment, one in which clients can share styling concerns and desires privately with their stylist.

Salon furniture also allows a client to sit properly so hair can be cut in the proper manner, nails painted on a flat surface, waxing performed evenly, They will also have mirrors so that the client can see them selfs as they are worked on, these mirrors will normally have mirror lighting around them as it help the saloner work as well as make it easyer for the cleint to see.

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It also looks more professional, rather than just throwing about the odd chair. And finally, a stylist needs to be able to move around freely. Without this freedom of movement, styling and procedural accidents could occur. Stylists need to be able to access tools quickly, too, without walking around the salon looking for their scissors or some other item.

Beauty Salon Furniture The Essentials

Here are three basic furniture pieces any salon owner needs

*Backwashes These sink and chair duo units are used for the washing and rinsing of hair. Comfort is key here, as the client sits in this chair then places his or her head back into the sink. This duo needs a cushioned space for the client's neck to rest. The chair needs to reach the sink comfortably so as not to cause the client to strain. It helps if the height and angles of this duo can be adjusted as well.

*Styling chairs All styling chairs should be adjustable in height and easy to rotate so that cutting, colour, and styling can occur with ease. The base needs to be sturdy and the arm rests comfortable, so the client doesn't fidget. The arm rests can be padded or smooth, but no matter the style it shouldn't irritate the average client.

*Portable Manicure Table Manicure tables need to offer a lot of space so that a client can rest his or her hands and arms on the table comfortably, without taking up all the space for nail polish bottles and other manicure items. Look for extra drawers for storage and to help keep the manicure area look tidy, stylish, and appealing to clients. Also, a manicure table should contain additional trolleys in case a manicure or pedicure must be performed on a client in another part of the salon, for whatever reason.

Pricing and More

Industry professionals suggest that salon owners buy beauty salon furniture in bulk, to save money.

Besides helping to save money, buying in bulk allows a salon owner to take care of the dcor all at once, without repeated interruptions in business.