The importance of the right hair straighteners.

Hair strengthening products are an important part of any strong hair growing routine. These "hair strengtheners" assist the hair to stand up to day to day damage as well as breakage so that your hair gets better length potential with time. Just like the importance of mirror lighting in your home, strengtheners have their relevance in your hair growing regimen.

Importance of strengthening products

Since your hair is around 91 percent protein by components, protein performs an important part in deciding the hair's overall tensile strength. Virtually all strengthening products include protein. Enhancing the hair's tensile strength with these straightening items openly results in hair growth because solid hair thwarts breakage. When breakage is lowered over a prolonged time period, hair grows as well as flourishes.

Kinds of hair strengtheners

Hair strengthening solutions fall under two categories protein-based and moisture-based strengtheners. When companies market their products, they are actually talking about protein-based solutions. Protein-based strengtheners depend on the actions of big, reinforcing protein complexes that join to the outer hair shaft for extra strength. These intense protein solutions provide stiff strength to the hair and give little in the way of moisture as well as conditioning.

Moisture-based solutions also include proteins and could also reinforce the hair however, they are not developed to provide stiff strength to the strand. Instead, these products work by utilizing light proteins as well as humectants to improve the hair's elasticity, or its capability to be stretched out and manipulated. The best hair strength and health combination is accomplished when both protein as well as moisture strengthening methods are nicely balanced within a hair growing regimen. This balance, sustained over time, will promote the growth of hair.

Characteristics of protein-based strengthening

Protein-based hair strengthening items are the most popular strengtheners. They are occasionally called "protein reconstructors," "protein treatments" or even "protein packs." These strengtheners contain heavier, shaft-coating proteins such as animal protein as well as keratin that bind to the shaft of the hair like an unseen protection. Such proteins are not wiped out easily. Products such as Aphogee 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor, Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair and Joico-K PaK conditioners are examples of protein-based strengtheners.

Characteristics of moisture-based strengthening

Moisture-based strengthening items provide the hair with moisture and improve the hair's elasticity and also pliability from within. These strengtheners contain light protein ingredients such as silk and wheat proteins their strengthening effects are inclined to decrease from wash to wash. Examples of these moisture strengthening products include KeraCare Moisturizing Conditioner, Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner and Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner.


Choosing a suitable category of strengthener to combat breakage and enrich hair growth and retention is essential. Protein-based strengtheners must be applied to the hair whenever the hair seems gummy, stretchy or limp-feeling prior to breaking. Moisture-based strengtheners must be applied when the hair breakage is "snappy" or "dry" in nature.

How to use strengtheners

Many hair strengthening solutions necessitate application of heat when the hair is guarded under a plastic cap for about 10 to 30 minutes. Application of heat assures optimum penetration of the hair shaft as well as better binding for longer lasting results. Above all, make sure you follow all product labels as well as directions for treatment procedures just like you do while installing mirror lighting in your home.